Theory and Art of Magic Program

Created in 1999 by Lawrence Hass, the Theory and Art of Magic Program was an on-going series of performances, educational events, and conferences dedicated to promoting and celebrating the magical arts.

In the program's initial manifestation at Muhlenberg College (1999-2009), world-leading magicians and theorists of magic came to campus as artists-in-residence to perform astonishing magic, teach classes, and give philosophical talks on the nature of magic as an important human experience and as a performing art.

In addition, starting in 2006, the Theory and Art of Magic program created a special kind of conference on magic--one in which scholars of magic and performers of magic come together to share their work and experiences in a conference setting.  Larry's conferences have been enormously successful, with attendance from magicians and scholars from all over the world.

Since 2007, Larry has partnered with Jeff McBride to create the Magic and Meaning Conference in Las Vegas. To learn about this year's conference, please visit here.